Bedroom Guardian and Buggy Beds

When dealing with bed bugs, there are many methods of trying to fight off these pests, but only few are effective. However, one item that is rising to the occasion is the bedroom guardian. The bedroom guardian was created in 2006 after the group behind the product realized the crucial issue of bed bugs.  The organization created this trap like device to attracts bed bug inside and either repels them or kill the insects all together. The product has been proven to be effective as well as being safe for your entire home.  However, despite the effectiveness of this device, it is not the only one of its kind. There have been several traps created for the use of capturing bed bugs; so where does the likes of the bedroom guardian fit?

In the fight against insects, there have been several ways to dispose of these pests, and bed bugs are no exception. One particular method used is using glue traps and this tactic has been used against the likes of the bloodsucking insects.  Such products like this is Buggy Beds. This trap will indeed ensnare the pests; however the product can do more than just that. The trap is able to detect bed bugs before an infestation can begin. The product also uses a type of insecticide to get rid of the bugs and it is completely non toxic. It is said that by using this product, you will have a peace of mind when dealing with bed bugs; and just by this description, it is hard to argue.

In this particular case, there are several things to compare with the likes of Buggy Beds and The Bedroom Guardian. For one thing, both products are easy to use.  However Buggy Beds can detect bed bugs while the Guardian can only attract them.  Though the glue traps seems to be the more handy tool, the guardian uses natural ingredients and it suppose to work instantly. By trying to compare these items, it would seem that these products are evenly matched; but there is one major difference.

According to online reviews, Buggy Beds is not as effective as it is advertised. Several buyers indicated that the trap does not work.  Though it may seem like a hard decision, the bedroom guardian might be the best choice when dealing with infestations, because not only is it effective, but you can get your money back just in case.

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