Bedroom Guardian Critique

Bed bugs are one of the moajor pest infestation problems of the 21st century; what began as a pest problem for the hotel and hospitality industry around 2006 quickly spread through people taking the tiny pests back to their homes in luggage to be a major problem in almost every home. Bedroom Guardian is a pest control system that was developed specifically for the hospitality industry and then marketed to the general public as the problems of these bugs spread around the U.S. and the world.

A pest control product sold in stores and over the internet by the company themselves the Bedroom Guardian promises instant results in repelling bugs from the beds of their customers. Using all natural ingredients to avoid the use of toxic chemicals that can be harmful to pets, children and adults to rid a building of the pests the available literature for the product claims an efficiency rate of around 99.7 percent. The small container used to repel an infestation contains a series of ingredients all derived from natural products meaning it does not cause problems with natural environment by passing dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere. The company offers a number of testimonials backing up the claims of the product to work instantly and remove an already existing infestation. One review from a customer reports a recurring problem from a military family who were constantly infested with the bugs through a member of the family travelling to various military bases; once the product was bought and used as directed the family was no longer affected by the pest problem.

Many of us do not realise we are infested with bed bugs until it is too late and the infestation is already in place; once identified the employing of a pest control specialist can often be expensive and leave a home unlivable for a number of days after harmful chemicals are used to repel the infestation. Each bug is a small, nocturnal parasite that feeds on the warm blood of human beings and other animals. as they often move around at night the pests tend to infest mattresses where they can quickly find their way to warm human bodies for feeding when people are asleep. Allergic reactions are rare and often take weeks to appear leaving the bugs to breed and infest a property before being identified. Placing a unit under a bed or between a mattress and box spring can repel any bugs that are already in the mattress or stop others invading a home.

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I hate bugs and used different products throughout the years around my house, but never found the perfect one. I looked online for different solutions, and decided to log my experience with different products on this website! Call me the BugGirl! LOL

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