The Bedroom Guardian and Pest Control Solution against Bedbugs

Bedbugs are indeed an underestimated problem.  These insect reside in homes and are practically undetectable. If you happen to find one, know that with every one bedbug, there are at least 12 to go along with it. So how do you deal with such as threat?  Fortunately, there is the like of the bedroom guardian. The bedroom guardian is a little device that lures bedbugs inside the small dome. Once inside, the product will kill the insects with no problem what so ever.  Though the bedroom guardian is sufficient in fight against bedbugs, how does it differ from other exterminating mean? Are you better off hiring an exterminator or is this device the right move against bedbugs?

When do you have pests, who do you call? You would call none other than exterminators. Exterminating companies are there for you to get rid of pests, and such bedbugs are no exception. Though these insects are the last thing on anyone’s mind, they can still cause problems and exterminator are prepared to deal with these kinds of issues.  One exterminating group that knows how to deal with these pests is Positive Pest Management.  This company has created a method to dispose of bedbugs by using heat. The company has discovered that temperature of 125 degrees will kill the infestation while causing no harm to the house. Compared to the likes of the bedroom guardian, Positive Pest Management offers a quick and easy solution to disposing of bedbugs.

However if you are looking for cheaper way of getting rid of bedbugs, then there are methods for you yourself to you in order to control the situation  A simple solution is isolating the bed bugs, though it is not best solution because you have to find the insects and there is no guarantee that you gotten rid of them. Other practical solutions would being using inorganic material such as diatomaceous earth   or even using an organic material like cedar oil which lures bedbugs and kills them.  Perhaps doing the extermination yourself may seem like the practical method, but there is no guarantee that it will work.

Whichever you do to get rid of bedbugs is up to you. If expense is no problem, then invest in an exterminator. However, if you do not want to pay a hefty fee, then there all kinds of things to use around the house to kill bedbugs. In this case, the latter would be to use the bedroom guardian. You would be paying for the product, but at the same time, you know that it is designed for getting rid of these invisible insects.

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I hate bugs and used different products throughout the years around my house, but never found the perfect one. I looked online for different solutions, and decided to log my experience with different products on this website! Call me the BugGirl! LOL

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